Concurrent Shows

  • FilmTech JAPAN

    The world's largest exhibition in the film industry!
    Highly-functional film offers a wide range of applications such as solar cells, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, OLEDs, FPCs, flexible devices, construction materials, paint, medical treatment, packaging, lighting, etc. The show gathers all kinds of equipment, materials and processing technologies related to highly-functional film.
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    PLASTIC Japan is a comprehensive gathering of plastic-related technologies from highly-functional plastic and CFRP forming/processing to material technologies. The exhibition for highly-functional plastic will be grandly held in a bigger scale.
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  • METAL Japan

    Japan's only exhibition specialised in highly-functional metals. In response to the trend and requests by industry professionals, we have launched the show. It is the best place to find cutting-edge technologies for highly-functional metals.
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  • Photonix

    World's leading exhibition & conference for photonics technology consisting of FIBER OPTICS EXPO, Laser & Applications Expo, Optics Expo and Optical Measuring Expo.
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