Technical Conference Program 2014

  • Full of Latest Information in the FPD Industry!

  • FTJ-K
    Keynote Session

    April 16 [Wed] 10:30-12:30
    Business Strategies of Leading FPD Manufacturers
    Multilingual (English/Korean/Chinese/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, TEK Consulting

    Displays beyond Imagination

    Haksun Kim
    Executive Vice President,
    Display Research Center,
    Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

    The Future in Sight:
    Display Innovation & Prospects

    Hong Jye Hong
    Vice President,
    Technology Development Office,
    AU Optronics Corp.

    Expectations for the
    FPD Technology Development

    Shigeaki Mizushima
    Representative Director and
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Sharp Corp.

    Free / Pre-registration Required

    Special Session

    April 18 [Fri] 10:00-12:00
    Roadmap for 4K/8K Broadcasting towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Future of Television
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, TEK Consulting
    Assistant Leader: Kazumasa Nomoto, Sony Corp.

    Roadmap for the Launch of
    UHDTV (4K/8K)
    Broadcasting Service

    Toshiyuki Minami
    Deputy Director-General of the Information and Communications Bureau,
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    NHK’s Approach for 8K Super
    Hi-Vision Broadcasting

    Keiichi Kubota
    Managing Director, Executive Director-General of Engineering, Japan Broadcasting Corp.

    Present and Future of Visual Devices
    Having Higher Definition and

    Seijiro Yasuki
    Senior Vice President,
    Chief Technology Executive,
    Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corp.

  • All Sessions Available in English/Japanese
    FTJ-5 詳細 FTJ-9 詳細
    Seats are LimitedFully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Prospects in the FPD Industry
    ―Trends in Demand, Technology and Capital Spending―
    New Ideas in Touch Screen Panel Manufacturing Technology The Latest Trends in Color e-Paper
    • NPD DisplaySearch

      Yoshio Tamura,
      Senior Vice President,
      DisplaySearch Fellow

    • Deutsche Securities Ltd.

      Yasuo Nakane,
      Senior Analyst, Managing Director,
      Head of Japan Technology Research,
      Global Markets

    • Sangyo Times, Inc.

      Akihiro Tsumura,
      Chief Editor, Editorial Div.,
      The Semiconductor Industry News

    • ULVAC Inc.

      Makoto Arai,
      Senior Manager,
      Institute for Super Materials, Section 1

    • V Technology Co., Ltd.

      Michinobu Mizumura,
      General Manager,
      Research and Development Div.

    • Innolux Corp.

      Chiulien Yang,
      General Director,
      TFT-LCD & Sensor Glass Business Unit, Technology Development Div. Group

    • FUK Co., Ltd.

      Koji Hara,
      Deputy General Manager,
      Market Development Dept. .

    • Ricoh Co., Ltd.

      Tohru Yashiro,
      Research and Development Group,
      E.C Development Section,
      Sheet Device Technology Development Dept.,
      Device Technology Development Center

    • Chiba University

      Norihisa Kobayashi,
      Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science

    • E Ink Corp.

      Michael McCreary,
      Deputy Chief Technology Officer

    FTJ-2 詳細 FTJ-6 詳細 FTJ-10 詳細
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are LimitedFully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Developments in Functional Film for Advanced FPD Performance Evolution of Input Devices:
    Latest Trends and the Future of
    Touch + Pen Input
    [Panel Discussion] Thorough Discussion on Challenges for OLED Displays' Breakthrough
    • Keio University

      Akihiro Tagaya,
      Deputy Director, Project Professor,
      Graduate School of Science and Technology,
      Keio Photonics Research Institute

    • CHI MEI Visual Technology Corp.

      Wang-Yang Li,
      Vice President

    • SHARP Corp.

      Yusuke Tsuda,
      Unit Deputy General Manager,
      Materials & Energy Technologies Labs.,
      Corporate Research
      and Development Div.

    • Japan Display Inc.

      Masanobu Ikeda,
      Technical Specialist, Team Leader,
      Group 2, Display System R&D Dept.,
      Research and Development Div.

    • Toshiba Corp.

      Ken-ich Kameyama,
      Chief Research Scientist,
      Interactive Media Lab.,
      Corporate Research & Development Center

    • Wacom Co., Ltd.

      Toshihiko Horie,
      General Manager,
      System Engineering Dept.,
      Component Business Unit

    • Yamagata University Graduate School of Science and Engineering

      Junji Kido,
      Distinguished Research Professor,
      Dept. of Organic Device Engineering

    • Tsudajuku University Instructor/
      New Media Magazine Reporter & Critic

      Reiji Asakura

    • Japan Display Inc.

      Masahiko Suzuki,
      Senior General Manager, OLED R&D Dept., Research and Development Div.

    • Sharp Corp.

      Masahito Oh-e,
      Research Dept. Director,
      Research Dept. II,
      Materials & Energy Technology Labs.,
      Corporate Research & Development Div.

      Panel Discussion

    FTJ-3 詳細 FTJ-7 詳細 FTJ-11 詳細
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Continuing Advances in LCD Technology Evolving Trends in Touch Input Device Materials Taking on the Next-generation of OLED: Latest Trends in Material and Process Technology
    • Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

      Kikuo Ono,
      Corporate Advisor,
      Product Development Center

    • Japan Display Inc.

      Yoko Fukunaga,
      Technical Specialist,
      Display System R&D Dept.

    • Sony Corp.

      Hirohisa Ishino,
      Deputy General Manager,
      Optical Engineering,
      Display Device Engineering Dept.,
      Display Development Div., R&D Platform

    • 3M

      Mike Dolezal,
      Manager, Electronic Solution Div.

    • C3Nano Inc.

      Ajay Virkar,
      Founder, Director of Technology,
      Research & Development

    • Teijin Ltd.

      Haruhiko Itoh,
      Senior Staff, Research, Development,
      Technology & Production Administration Dept., Resin & Plastic Processing BU

    • Corning Inc.

      David Chen,
      Director, Asia Commercial Technology,
      Specialty Materials

    • Applied Materials, Inc.

      Naoyuki Sato,
      CVD Global Product Management,
      Product Marketing

    • Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Takeshi Yamada,
      Group Manager,
      Organic Electroluminescent Material Development Group,
      Tsukuba Material Development Lab.

    • Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP

      John Fahlteich,
      Project Manager,
      Coating of Flexible Products

    FTJ-4 詳細 FTJ-8 詳細 FTJ-12 詳細
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    New Era's Display Technology for IT/Medical/Automotive Field The Latest Production Process for Higher Resolution and Added Value Displays Cutting-edge Technology for 4K/8K High Resolution Image
    • DENSO Corp.

      Yoshihiko Isobe,
      General Manager,
      Electronics Device Business Unit, Electronics Device Business Planning Dept. /
      Technology Planning Div., Technology Management Dept.

    • CANON Inc.

      Shinichi Yamato,
      Chief, Display Products Business Management Project

    • Sangyo Times, Inc.

      Wataru Izumiya,

    • Applied Materials Inc.

      Daniel Severin,
      Project Manager,
      Display PVD Product Div.

    • V Technology Co., Ltd.

      Yoshikazu Suzuki,
      General Manager,
      Engineering Div. 3

    • Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

      Tetsuya Wadaki,
      Managing Director, Electronics Team,
      Equity Research Dept.

    • Japan Broadcasting Corp.

      Taiichiro Kurita,
      Executive Research Engineer,
      Advanced Functional Devices Research Div., Science & Technology Research Labs.


      Takaaki Nagano,
      General Manager, R&D Dept.1

    • SHARP Corp.

      Shigeto Yoshida,
      Senior Technical Specialist,
      Telecommunication & Image Technology Labs.

  • PE-K
    Keynote Session

    April 17 [Thur] 13:00-15:00
    Present and Future of Printed Electronics of Leading Companies
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Seats are Limited
    Special Advisors: Katsuaki Suganuma, Osaka University
    Masami Nakamoto, Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute

    Graphene and beyond Graphene: Progress, Challenges
    and Opportunities

    Chan Kwak
    Principal Researcher,
    Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology,
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Research and Development of
    Carbon Nanotube
    Printed Transistor

    Shinichi Yorozu
    Senior Manager,
    Smart Energy Research Labs.,
    NEC Corp.

    Status and Perspectives of
    OLED Lighting

    Ulrich Niedermeier
    Project Manager,
    OLED Material & Technology,
    OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH

  • Film-K
    Keynote Session

    April 16 [Wed] 13:30-15:30
    Leading Companies Present: Development and Future of Highly-functional Film
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    Strategy for Highly-functional Film Development in FUJIFILM —Future Innovation through Film Technology

    Masahiro Asami
    Corporate Vice President,
    General Manager,
    R&D Management Headquarters,
    FUJIFILM Corp.

    Introduction of Toppan's Functional Film Business

    Taro Izawa
    Director, Business Development & Research Div.,
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

    Zeon's Business Strategy and
    Future Perspective of
    Highly-functional Film

    Masayoshi Oshima
    Director & Executive Corporate Officer, Specialty Business,
    Zeon Corp.

    Keynote Session

    April 18 [Fri] 10:00-11:30
    Evolving Development Strategy and Prospects for Highly-functional Plastics
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    Product Development and Marketing Strategy with Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) by Polyplastics

    Akihiro Izuka
    Executive Officer,
    General Manager of New Business Development Div.,
    Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

    Performance Materials Development and
    Business Strategy of DuPont

    Ryuichi Hayashi
    Executive Operating Officer, Director,
    Technology and Innovation,
    DuPont K.K.

    Free / Pre-registration Required

    Keynote Session

    April 17 [Thur] 10:00-12:00
    The Future of Highly-functional Metals by Leaders in Policymaking and in Aluminum and Copper Industries
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    The Present Conditions and
    the Future Perspective of the Nonferrous Metal Industry

    Hiroshi Oikawa
    Director, Nonferrous Metals Div., Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy,
    Trade and Industry

    Aluminum Development and
    the Future Outlook of UACJ

    Shigenori Yamauchi
    Chairman of the Board, CEO,
    UACJ Corp.

    JX Nippon Mining & Metals Taking
    on the Challenge for Developing Advanced-function Metals

    Ichiroh Sawamura
    Director, Member of the Board, Senior Executive Officer,
    General Manager,
    Electronic Materials Group,
    JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corp.

  • <Keynote Session>

    Keynote Session

    April 17 [Thur] 13:00-15:00
    Laser Processing Technologies Bringing Innovation to
    Automobile Production and Manufacturing Field
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Seiji Katayama, Osaka University
    Assistant Leader: Takashi Ishide, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    Making “Always Better Cars” Utilizing Laser Technology

    Tatsuya Ishikawa
    Executive General Manager,
    Plant General Manager of Honsha Plant and Hirose Plant,
    Field General Manager, Vehicle Production Engineering Field,
    Chief Officer, Partner Robot Div.,
    Toyota Motor Corp.

    Latest Developments in Laser Technology for
    Energy Efficient Products

    Klaus Löffler
    Director, International Sales,
    TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

    <Technical Conference>
    Laser Processing of Plastics and Composite Materials
    Coherent Inc.
    Klaus Kleine,
    Director of Product Line Management,
    DFS Systems

    >>For More Details


    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Ultrashort Pulse Lasers such as Picosecond Laser:
    Cost Effective Solutions in Industrial Production
    Lumera Laser Technology (Coherent)
    Dirk Mueller,
    Director of Product Line Management

    >>For More Details


    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Third Generation of Industrial Lasers:
    Wavelength-Beam-Combined Diode Laser Technology
    TeraDiode Inc.
    Parviz Tayebati,
    President, CEO

    >>For More Details


    Seats are Limited Fully Booked

    The other technical sessions are held only in Japanese.

  • <Keynote Session>

    Keynote Session

    April 17 [Thur] 10:00-12:00
    Top Carriers of Japan and US Reveal their Network Strategies
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Kazuo Hagimoto, NTT Electronics Corp.
    Assistant Leader: Nobuhide Yamaguchi, Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd.

    Becoming Your Partner for Smart Life:
    Our Endeavors to Create New Values

    Fumio Iwasaki
    Senior Executive Vice President,
    Member of the Board of Directors,
    NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

    Verizon Network Evolution

    Ed Chan
    Senior Vice President,
    Infrastructure Planning & Admin.,

    <Technical Conference>
    All Sessions Available in English/Japanese
    FOE-6 details
    Seats are LimitedFully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Market Trend Analysis for Survival in the Intense Global Competition [Tutorial Session]
    Fundamentals of Optical Communications
    –Connecting and Transmitting with Fiber Optics–
    • Infonetics Research, Inc.

      Andrew Schmitt,
      Principal Analyst, Optical

    • Ovum Ltd.

      Julie Kunstler,
      Principal Analyst, Communications Components

    • PT. NTT Indonesia

      Ryuichi Matsuo,
      President Director

    • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

      Takeshi Yagi,
      General Manager, Transmission Line Dept.,
      Fitel Photonics Lab., R&D Div.

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Yutaka Miyamoto,
      Innovative Photonic Network Center, Director,
      NTT Network Innovation Labs.,
      Senior Distinguished Researcher

    FOE-7 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Technology Trend in Software Defined Optical Network Front Line of Silicon Photonics 2014: Latest Technology and Commercialization Strategy
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Ryutaro Kawamura,
      Director, Vice President, Photonic Transport Network Lab., NTT Network Innovation Labs.

    • NEC Labs. America Inc.

      Ting Wang,
      Dept. Head, Optical Networking

    • JDSU

      Peter Roorda,
      Senior Product Line Manager,
      Communications and Commercial Optical Products

    • STMicroelectronics

      Frederic Boeuf,
      Program Manager, Silicon Photonics,
      BiCMOS55 and Advanced Devices Integration

    • Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association

      Tohru Mogami,
      Chief Manager

    • IBM Research GmbH

      Bert Jan Offrein,
      Manager Photonics, Zurich Research Lab.

    FOE-3 details FOE-8 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Advances in Cloud Services and Optical Transmission for Data Centers Ultrafast Optical Communication towards 100G and Beyond: Trends in Standardization and Optical Transceiver
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Toshiaki Fujita,
      Vice President of NTT Software Innovation Center

    • Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

      Kouichi Kumon,
      Member of the Board, Chief Scientist,
      Next Generation Technical Computing Unit

    • Corning International K.K.

      Ryoichi Matsumura,
      Technical Expert,
      Telecommunications, Enterprise Networks

    • Alcatel-Lucent, USA Inc.

      Consulting Member of Technical Staff,
      Chief Technology Office, Optics Div./

      ITU-T Study Group 15

      Stephen J. Trowbridge

    • Hitachi, Ltd.

      Nobuhiko Kikuchi,
      Senior Researcher, Network Systems Research Dept., Central Research Lab.

    • Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd.

      Kazuyuki Mori,
      Director, Advanced Technology Dept.,
      Optical Components Div.

    FOE-4 details FOE-9 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Global Implementation of 100G and Beyond
    –Latest Technology Trends in Digital Coherent–
    Cutting Edge of Evolving Optical Fiber and Cable Technology
    • NTT Communications Corp.

      Hiroatsu Matsumoto,
      Vice President, Service Infrastructure Div.

    • Ciena Corp.

      Kim Roberts,
      Senior Director, Signal Processing

    • NTT Electronics Corp.

      Director, Product Development Div. 1,
      Electronics Device & Systems Business Unit/

      Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA)

      Chief Researcher,
      Osamu Ishida

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Kazuyuki Shiraki,
      Executive Manager, Executive Research Engineer,
      Access Media Project,
      Access Network Service Systems Labs.

    • Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

      Masaaki Hirano,
      Manager, Optical Transmission Media R&D Dept.,
      Optical Communications R&D Labs.

    • Fujikura Ltd.

      Kazuhiro Takizawa,
      General Manager, Fiber Optics Network Product R&D Dept., Fiber Optics Components Div.

    FOE-5 details FOE-10 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Status of Commercially Launched Digital Coherent Optical Devices Leading-edge Optical Access Technology for Mobile Backhaul: Next-generation PON Technologies
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Takashi Saida,
      Group Leader,
      High-speed Lightwave Control Device Research Group, Photonic Integration Lab.

    • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

      Toshikazu Mukaihara,
      Manager, Optical Devices Dept., Fitel Photonics Lab.,
      R&D Div.

    • Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.

      Yoshihiro Yoneda,
      Group Manager, Integrated Device Process R&D Dept., Transmission Devices R&D Labs.

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Junichi Kani,
      Senior Research Engineer,
      Supervisor, Optical Access Systems Project,
      NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.

    • Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

      Satoshi Yoshima,
      Researcher, Lightwave Transceiver Group,
      Optical Communication Technology Dept.,
      Information Technology R&D Center

    • Hitachi, Ltd.

      Jun Sugawa,
      Researcher, Network Systems Research Dept.,
      Central Research Lab.

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