Technical Conference Program 2015

  • Full of Latest Information in the FPD Industry!

  • FTJ-K
    Keynote Session

    April 8 [Wed] 10:30-13:00
    Strategy and Challenges for the Display Business,
    by Japanese, Chinese and Korean Industry Leaders
    Multilingual (English/Korean/Chinese/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, TEK Consulting
    Hiroyuki Oshima, Japan Display Inc.

    Next Generation FPD Market and LG Display’s Technology Strategy –Concentrate upon the OLED Technology–

    SooYoung Yoon
    Vice President, OLED Research Div., Chairman of Next Generation OLED Technology Committee,
    LG Display Co., Ltd.

    BOE Business Strategy of Flat Panel Display

    Chikara Kuboshima
    Vice President,
    BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd./ President,
    BOE Japan Co., Ltd.

    Mobile Display Innovations for Future Societies

    Yoshiyuki Tsukizaki
    Chief Business Officer,
    Japan Display Inc.

    Tokyo Electron’s Business Strategy
    –New Stage through Merger of Equals–

    Terry Higashi
    Chairman, President & CEO,
    Tokyo Electron Ltd.

    Special Session

    April 9 [Thur] 13:00-15:00
    Evolving FPD! What are the Next Killer Application
    and the Key of FPD Restoration in Japan?
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Tatsuo Uchida, Sendai National College of Technology
    Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, TEK Consulting

    The Updated Car Electronics Trend and DENSO's Approach

    Yukihiro Kato
    Executive Director, Head of Information & Communications Technology Business Unit,
    DENSO Corp.

    "BIG PAD", the Evolving Interactive Display

    Munenori Harada
    Div. Deputy General Manager Business Solutions Promotion Div.,
    Sharp Corp.

    Japan’s Rising Competiveness as a Business Hub under Abenomics and Road to Recovery for Display Industry

    Masanobu Kaizu
    Senior Research Fellow / Advisor,
    Financial & Economic Research Center,
    Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

  • <Technical Conference>
    All Sessions Available in English/Japanese
    FTJ-1 details FTJ-6 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Outlook for the FPD Industry
    ―Prediction from the Various Angles―
    What the Next Generation Display Technology is!
    The Latest Developments in FPD Technology
    • DisplaySearch

      Yoshio Tamura,
      Senior Director

    • Sangyo Times Inc.

      Akihiro Tsumura,
      Editor in Chief

    • Deutsche Securities Inc.

      Yasuo Nakane,
      Analyst Displays/Consumer Electronics,
      Japan Equity Research

    • Seiko Epson Corp.

      Atsunari Tsuda,
      General Manager, HMD Business Management Dept., Visual Products Operations Div.

    • Japan Display Inc.

      Akira Sakaigawa,
      Senior Technical Specialist, Display System R&D Dept.
      Research and Development Div.

    • Corning Inc.

      Lori Hamilton,
      Commercial Technology, Corning Glass Technologies

    FTJ-7 details
    Seats are LimitedFully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Technological Developments and Future Trends in Touch Panel Devices The Future of Medical Industry and the Potential of Crossover with IT
    • Japan Display Inc.

      Shoji Hinata,
      General Manager, TP Development and Design Dept., Product Design Unit, Module Product Div.

    • Konica Minolta, Inc.

      Manager, Technology Strategy Div. /
      International Electrotechnical Commission
      Assistant Secretary, Technical Committee 110
      Kei Hyodo

    • ZRRO Technologies

      Asaf Inbar,
      V.P. Business Development

    • Sangyo Times, Inc.

      Wataru Izumiya,

    • EIZO Corp.

      Yoichi Ohoto,
      R&D, Visual Products

    • OLYMPUS Corp.

      Kazunari Nakamura,
      Div. Manager,
      Medical Imaging Technology Development Div.

    FTJ-8 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Trends in Materials and Processes Supporting the Evolution of Touch Panels The Latest Technological Trends Enabling 4K and 8K High Definition Imaging
    • InnoLux Corp.

      Chiu-Lien Yang,
      General Director, Technology Development Div. Group II

    • Zeon Corp.

      Motofumi Kashiwagi,
      Manager, New Business Development Dept.

    • Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.

      Satoru Sasamura,
      Technical Dept., Electronics Materials Div., R&D Center

    • Komura-tech Co., Ltd.

      Takushi Kohyama,

    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

      Suguru Nishimura,
      Deputy Director

    • NHK Science & Technology Research Lab.

      Naoki Shimizu,
      Executive Research Engineer, Advanced Functional Devices Research Div.

    • Sharp Corp.

      Mitsuru Hashimoto,
      Chief, Development Dept.2,
      Audio-visual Systems Development Center,
      Digital Information Appliance Div.

    FTJ-4 details FTJ-9 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Revolutionary Films Changing FPD!
    The Latest Trends in Functional Films
    The Cutting-edge Technological Trends in OLED
    • FUJIFILM Corp.

      Yoji Ito,
      General Manager, FPD Materials Research Labs.

    • Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Jun Taketatsu,
      Manager, R&D, Display Materials R&D Dept.,
      Advanced Integrated Materials Business Sector

    • Zeon Corp.

      Seiichi Kusumoto,
      General Manager, Specialty Plastics & Components Development Technology - Optes

    • JOLED Inc.

      Tadashi Ishibashi,
      Technology Officer & Head of Atsugi Technology Development Center, Atsugi Technology Development Center

    • Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co., Ltd.

      Jun Koyama,
      General Manager, TFT Circuit Design Div.

    • Yamagata University

      Shizuo Tokito,
      Vice-Director, Professor, Research Center for Organic Electronics

    FTJ-5 details FTJ-10 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Developments in the Continually Evolving Process of FPD Manufacturing The Latest Developments in Materials and Processes Supporting the Future of Next Generation OLED
    • Japan Display Inc.

      Noboru Kunimatsu,
      Technical Specialist, LCD R&D Dept., TFT-LCD R&D Unit, Research and Development Div.

    • Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

      Motoaki Ishikawa,
      General Manager, Display Material Research Dept., Materials Research Labs.

    • V-Technology Co., Ltd.

      Koichi Kajiyama,
      Executive Director

    • LINTEC Corp.

      Yuta Suzuki,
      Staff Chemist, Device Materials Lab., New Materials Research Dept., Research Center

    • Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd.

      Takeshi Yamada,
      Group Manager, Organic Electroluminescent Material Development Group, Tsukuba Material Development Lab.

    • SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd.

      Satoshi Suzuki,
      Manager, Equipment Components Developing Section, Engineering Dept., FPD Equipment Business Operations Div.

  • PE-K
    Keynote Session

    April 10 [Fri] 10:00-12:00
    Latest Device Development of Printing and Coating Method
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Seats are Limited
    Special Advisors: Katsuaki Suganuma, Osaka University
    Masami Nakamoto, Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute

    Flexible OLED Generating Additional Value and its Roll to Roll Manufacturing

    Takatoshi Tsujimura
    General Manager,
    OLED Business Unit,
    Advanced Layers Co.,
    Konica Minolta, Inc.

    Beyond Wearable
    "Imperceptible Electronics"

    Tsuyoshi Sekitani
    Professor, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research,
    Osaka University

    Trend of the Printed Device Technology and Materials Development

    Toshihide Kamata
    Flexible Electronics Research Center,
    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

  • <FilmTech Japan>

    Keynote Session

    April 8 [Wed] 14:00-16:00
    Highly-functional Films Challenging to Create New Value
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    Research and Development of Advanced Films
    ―Toray's Strategy & Challenge―

    Tetsuya Tsunekawa
    Vice President,
    Member of the Board,
    General Manager,
    Research and Development Div.,
    Toray Industries, Inc.

    Mitsubishi Plastics’ Business Strategy of High Performance Film
    ―Toward the Realization of KAITEKI―

    Akihisa Kakimoto
    High Performance Film Div.,
    Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

    DNP's Optical Film Solution
    "Now and Future"

    Mitsuru Tsuchiya
    Corporate Officer,
    General Manager of
    Fine Optronics
    Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

    <PLASTIC Japan>

    Keynote Session

    April 10 [Fri] 10:00-12:00
    Industry Leaders Present: Cutting Edge of Development
    on Carbon Fiber and Performance Polymer
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    The Status and Technical Issues Surrounding Composite Materials in the Aeronautics Industry

    Shigefumi Tatsumi
    Senior Vice President,
    Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems,
    In Charge of Advanced Technologies / Head of Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works,
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    MITSUBISHI RAYON's Challenges and Future Prospects for Carbon Fiber and Composites

    Iwao Yamamoto
    Director of the Board,
    Senior Executive Officer,
    Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials Business,
    Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

    Technological Breakthroughs on Kaneka's Performance Polymer and its Business Blueprint

    Riichi Nishimura
    Executive Officer,
    General Manager of New Business Development Div.
    and GP Business Development Div., Deputy General Manager, Global Planning Dept.,
    Kaneka Corp.

    <METAL Japan>

    Keynote Session

    April 9 [Thur] 10:00-12:00
    Challenge of High Functionality
    in Policymaking and the Iron & Steel and Copper Industries
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)

    The Current Situation and Outlook of High Performance Materials Centering on Metals from the Viewpoint of Manufacturing Industries

    Atsuo Kuroda
    Manufacturing Industries Bureau,
    Ministry of Economy,
    Trade and Industry

    Highly Functional Steel of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
    ―Steel Manufacturing Challenging for the Future―

    Akihiro Miyasaka
    Representative Director and
    Executive Vice President,
    Nippon Steel & Sumitomo
    Metal Corp.

    Furukawa Electric's High Performance Materials Contributing to the Realization of the Sustainable Society

    Keiichi Kobayashi
    Corporate Senior Vice President,
    Automotive & Electronics Material Field, Copper & High Performance Material Products Div.
    Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

  • <Keynote Session>

    Keynote Session

    April 9 [Thur] 13:00-15:00
    Current Situation and Future Prospect of
    Laser Processing Transforming "Manufacturing"
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Seiji Katayama, Osaka University
    Takashi Ishide, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    The Future of Digital Photonic Production

    Reinhart Poprawe
    Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology

    Remote Laser Welding Robot System for Innovative Manufacturing

    Yasushi Mukai
    Director CTO,
    Panasonic Welding Systems Co., Ltd.

    <Technical Conference>
    Laser Technology Trends and the Impact of Advanced Lasers in Manufacturing
    Coherent Inc.
    Magnus Bengtsson,
    Vice President of Strategic Marketing

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    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Powder Bed Fusion (e.g. SLM, DMLS, etc.) and other AM Powder Systems
    SLM Solutions AG
    Henner Schoeneborn,
    Executive Board, Corporate Development and Innovations

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    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Laser Metal Deposition: High Efficiency Laser Additive Manufacturing
    Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology
    Reinhart Poprawe,

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    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    High Power Ultrafast Lasers based on InnoSlab Technology
    Marc Deschler,
    Manager, Business Development
    * Please note that the speaker has changed as above. (As of March 9th)

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    Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Innovative Laser Processing Technologies for Glass Cutting
    Corning Laser Technologies GmbH
    Reinhard Ferstl,
    Director Sales & Marketing Asia

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    Seats are Limited Fully Booked

    The other technical sessions are held only in Japanese.

  • <Keynote Session>

    Keynote Session

    April 9 [Thur] 10:00-12:00
    Future Network Strategies of Leading Careers & Vendors
    from Japan and Europe
    Bilingual (English/Japanese)
    Session Leader: Kazuo Hagimoto, NTT Electronics Corp.
    Masatoshi Takihiro, Huawei Technologies Japan K.K.

    New ICT Business Innovations Driven by Open Collaboration and Evolutional Changes in Optical Communication

    Hiromichi Shinohara
    Representative Director, Senior Executive Vice President,
    Chief Technology Officer, Head of R&D Strategy Dept.,
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

    Ericsson’s Business Strategy on ICT Infrastructure

    Hans Mickelsson
    Director Systems and Technology,
    Business Unit Cloud & IP,
    Ericsson AB

    <Technical Conference>
    All Sessions Available in English/Japanese
    FOE-6 details
    Seats are LimitedFully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Future of Photonic Network Components toward the IoE Era [Tutorial Session]
    Fundamentals of Optical Technologies Supporting Telecommunications from Long Distance to Home
    • Infonetics Research, Inc.

      Andrew Schmitt,
      Principal Analyst, Carrier Transport Networking

    • Contents DotCom

      Ryoji Koike,
      Freelance Journalist

    • Altera Corp.

      Mike Peng Li,

    • Keysight Technologies Japan G.K.

      Shuji Yamaguchi,
      Senior Application Consultant, Application Engineering Organization

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Shin Kaneko,
      Research Engineer, Optical Access Systems Project, NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.

    FOE-7 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    New Applications of Photonic Technologies Meeting the Expectations in Various Fields The Latest Digital Coherent Optical Transmission: Technology and Global Trend from Basics to Cutting Edge
    • Tokyo Institute of Technology

      Kentaro Nakamura,
      Professor, Precision and Intelligence Lab.

    • Keio University

      Professor, Dept. of Applied Physics & Physico-Informatics, Faculty of Science & Technology /
      Arai-Medphoton Research Labs. Corp.
      CEO and Founder,
      Tsunenori Arai

    • Development Bank of Japan Inc.

      Kenji Hanawa,
      Chief Manager, Economic & Industrial Research Dept.

    • Meiji University

      Moriya Nakamura,
      Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Bioinformatics, School of Science and Technology

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Masahito Tomizawa,
      Executive Manager, NTT Network Innovation Labs.

    • Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

      Takahito Tanimura,
      Researcher, Photonic Lab., Network Systems Labs.

    FOE-3 details FOE-8 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    Enabling 400Gb/s Data Center with OIF CEI-56G Electronic Interface Technologies New Developments and Latest Technological Trends of FTTH
    • MoSys, Inc.

      Thomas Palkert,
      OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group Vice Chair, Electrical

    • TE Connectivity Ltd.

      Nathan Tracy,
      Technologist, System Architecture Team / OIF Technical Committee Chair

    • Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

      Yoichi Koyanagi,
      Director, Server Technologies Lab., ICT Systems Labs.

    • Ovum Ltd.

      Julie Kunstler,
      Principal Analyst, Communications Components and Intelligent Networks

    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Kota Asaka,
      Senior Research Engineer, Optical Access Systems Project, NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.

    • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

      Yupeng Xiong,
      Chief Planner, Fixed Network Product Management

    FOE-4 details FOE-9 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Trends in R&D of Next Generation Fiber Optic Networks Supporting the Era of Cloud and Big Data The Latest Trends in Optical Transceivers
    ―From Data Center to WDM Digital Coherent―
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Hirofumi Amano,
      Vice President, Head of NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.

    • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

      Ryuichi Sugizaki,
      Group Manager, Optical Transmission Line Group, Telecommunications & Energy Labs.

    • Fujikura Ltd.

      Shoichiro Matsuo,
      General Manager, Optical Fiber Technology Dept.,
      Optics and Electronics Lab.

    • Avago Technologies Ltd.

      I-Hsing Tan,
      Segment Marketing Manager, Fiber Optic Products Div.

    • Finisar Corp.

      Chris Cole,
      Director, Transceiver Engineering

    • NEC Corp.

      Tetsuyuki Suzaki,
      Chief Manager, Fiber Optic Devices Div., Telecom Carrier Business Unit

    FOE-5 details FOE-10 details
    Seats are Limited Fully Booked Seats are Limited Fully Booked
    The Latest Optical Device Leading Next Generation Optical Communications SDN Technology toward Practical Stage
    ―From Basics to Optical Network Applications―
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

      Akimasa Kaneko,
      Director, NTT Device Innovation Center

    • Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd.

      Yasunori Nagakubo,
      Director, Marketing Dept.

    • Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA)

      Takahiro Nakamura,
      Chief Manager

    • Okinawa Open Lab., General Incorporated Association

      Executive Technical Advisor /
      NTT Communications Corp.
      Vice President, Technology Development,
      Osamu Nakazawa

    • NEC Corp.

      Kazuo Takagi,
      Product Architect, Converged Network Div.

    • Ciena Corp.

      Lyndon Ong,
      Principal Network Architect, Office of the CTO

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