• Dec. 4 - 6, 2019
  • Makuhari Messe, Japan

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Following is the details of the international media partners related to the show.


Advanced Materials Economic News
Advanced Materials Economic News is weekly technical paper to deliver the news of important and basic industrial issue to contribute develop of our country. We are dealing with various sections (materials, parts, industrial gas, robot, machine, electronic, LED, environment and safe, Techno Park (TP), business economy. As we are a respectable technical paper, our main subscribers are people who work in Government, University, Laboratory and Institute. We also send News letter to subscribers every working day not only publish weekly paper and run website(www.amenews.kr).

Aluminium China
ALUMINIUM China is Asia’s leading aluminium industry platform for the complete aluminium industry supply chain, bringing together leading industry figures, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced applications. In July 2016 19,530 visitors and delegates from 75 countries and regions worldwide attended the 3-day event with its more than 400 exhibitors. ALUMINIUM China 2017 will take place from 19 to 21 July at Shanghai New Intl Expo Centre.

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN, with focus on the core area of China’s electronic manufacturing, is a grand event of extensive and profound influence in the sector of touch screen and display. Nearly 1,000 world-renowned brands will gather on the 60,000 m2 venue to demonstrate their new products and technical innovations in the sector, including touch screen modules, display panels and relevant processing, testing, components, parts, raw materials and accessories.

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the magazine for advances in the development of ceramic components and systems for sustainable, economic applications in their wide range of industrial sectors. CERAMIC APPLICATIONS aims to bridge the knowledge of ceramic manufacturers and the design engineers in the various industrial user sectors. The magazine is part of a global platform for the marketing of ceramic components. Further details on www.ceramic-applications.com.

Ceramics Focus
Ceramics Focus has been of great help to one and all connected with Ceramic Industry. The magazines have been playing a pivotal role in bridging the gaps between prospective ceramic souk across the globe. Focus Ceramics and Focus Machinery are leading magazines in India focusing mainly on Ceramic Industry. These magazines provide all the information pertaining to Indian ceramic sector, products and services. They give insight into the developments, technological advancements and innovations in the ceramic segment. The magazines also share views and reviews of the industry experts and acquaint us with the who’s who of the ceramic industry.

Monthly Ceramics Inc. was established in 1988, and has been publishing monthly magazine of CERAMICS and CERAMIC ART. We have been rapidly growing in the field of the publication of separate volume and the planning of seminar, exhibition, contest etc. And also we have been recognized as a successful ceramic art publisher. CERAMIC KOREA is published once a month information magazine overall play up various news and article from original ceramics to high-tech ceramics Ceramic-pile, brick made in clay, glass, polishing, refractory, superconductor, thin film, fine ceramics, photo pile and others.

Changjiang Coloured Metals Network
Changjiang coloured Metals network (www.ccmn.cn) is the authoritative nonferrous metal industry portal, non-ferrous metal integrated service preferred platform. The important platform for non-ferrous metal enterprises to publicize, release and obtain business opportunities. Provide online payment, warehousing, logistics and finance and other industrial chain solutions. To expand sales channels for users, so as to obtain more business orders.

China Machine
Launched in 2002, China Machine is an online B2B marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers from around the globe. The China Machine website provides a stable and effective platform for businesses to advertise and locate companies and products in mainland China.
With over 300,000 offers to buy and sell and 150,000 products listed by around 800,000 businesses, China Machine is rapidly becoming the first name in China Trade.
If you want your China Trade business more fruitful and more smoothly, you should visit our web site: www.machine365.com

Composite materials information network
Composite material network platform is a professional composite material industry promotion, enterprise communication services for more than 17 years.
It has gathered thousands of domestic composite materials enterprises and provided services for hundreds of composite materials enterprises.
Composites network is committed to the development of China's composites industry and international standards. To provide quality and efficient brand marketing communication services for domestic and foreign composite enterprises.

Zhejiang China Plastics Online Co., Ltd. (CPO, stock code: 833736), established in 1994, is a leading comprehensive e-commerce service provider in China's plastics industry.
The online website (www.21cp.com) of CPO has more than 480,000 registered enterprises and monthly page view of more than 4,500,000. Since 1999, CPO has successfully hosted the annual China plastics expo.
On the basis of industrial data collecting, managing, integration and analysis, taking industry connection as the core, CPO will provide services to the whole plastics industry chain, to create comprehensive data center, price quotation publish center, industry media center, trading center and interactive center.

DIGITIMES is a unique information source for readers who need to know about the supply side of the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries. Daily coverage of Taiwan's IT companies and news provide a lifeline to IT professionals, investment analysts and media worldwide.

DISPLAY CHINA represents the unstoppable trend of technological convergence between the new display and touch screen industries. It shows the latest technical achievements of upstream and downstream firms of advanced display technology to visitors from all kinds of electronic manufacturing enterprises, including panel manufacturing, supporting materials and equipment, OEMs, CEs, communications, computers, automotive electronics and medical electronics through booth displays, featured exhibition areas, themed forums among others.

Echemi is a professional, high efficiency and convenient chemical one-stop transaction service platform.
As chemical B2B platform, Echemi is operated by Echem Incorporation Limited based in Hongkong, is dedicated to improve the current International chemical transaction situation from 5 aspects.
1. Break the information asymmetry.
2. Increase transaction efficiency.
3. Reduce transaction risk and provide Financial services.
4. Provide transaction services.
5. Information consultant.
Echemi can provide professional chemical consultant, and price trend to help your deals.Since 2015, Echemi has attracted 40,000 registered users, online products reaches to 2,000 kinds, exported to more than 100 countries.

EXPOROOMS offers hotel accommodation for business travelers. The agents of EXPOROOMS liaise directly with hotels to secure inventory and constantly monitor the hotel rates and availability for the busiest Exhibitions and Fairs. EXPOROOMS does not promise to cut the regular hotel rates twice, what we deliver to our clients is the best available hotel offer that the destination city hides. Have a custom request?
Get in touch with EXPOROOMS Reservations department: office@exporooms.com or visit us at https://exporooms.com/

Extrusion magazines issued since 1995 are distributed worldwide exclusively for the sectors: plastics extrusion, recycling, thermoforming, extrusion blow molding, material handling, calendering, compounding, welding, finishing of plastics and elastomers. The publication is issued in German, English, Chinese and Russian. All the magazines are available online on www.smart-extrusion.com. The website also collects and publishes news, articles, case studies, and videos on extrusion topic from around the world.

FILM & TAPE EXPO 2019, with concurrent events of the International Coating and Die-cutting Exhibition (ICDE) 2019, is about to take place at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 21-23, 2019. Over ten years of development, the expo has become an important event of the industry.
With focus on the application of films and tapes, the expo displays various materials, equipment and technologies on functional films and tapes. The expo brings together more than 420 world-renowned brands from 12 countries and regions.

Guidechem.com was established with the aim to build the most comprehensive database of chemical products and contain most complete suppliers, making chemical trading more efficient, convenient and safe. Facilitate global chemical trading and bring chemical buyers & sellers from all over the world to one common chemical platform.
Guidechem.com builds a professional chemical platform including millions of chemical products' database and about 30 thousand international chemical suppliers. Our vision is to help you find your demanding chemical information and reliable suppliers. International chemical trading, all in your hand, anytime, anywhere.

South Korea's sole news media that specializes in steel and nonferrous metals The Korea Metal Journal, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of its launch in 2014, is publishing KMJNEWS, an Internet newspaper that provdes on-line news about steel and nonferrosu metals in addition to the magazines, Steel Market and Metal World that specialize in steel and nonferrous metals. respectively. It is also operateing Engllsh Internet site, KOREA METAL JOURNAL.

Materialsnet.com website and Industrial Materials Magazine, sponsored by ITRI of Taiwan which is a non-profit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical service, are uniquely professional materials platform and focus on the advanced Display and Optoelectronic materials technologies. It maximizes readers and exhibitor's need.

Metal Bulletin
The Metal Bulletin Group provides leading pricing intelligence for the metal and mining industry. Our global portfolio of news, analysis and insight services complement our price benchmarks. Our price reporters assess over 2,000 non-ferrous, ferrous, raw material and non-metallic mineral prices, many of which are the industry standard benchmarks, trusted and used across the supply chain. We are a completely impartial and independent price reporting agency and engage with all sides of the market during the price discovery process.

International Metalworking News for Asia
International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) print magazines, digital e-magazines, and fully interactive magazine Apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play facilitate technology transfer by providing readers in English (with highlights in Chinese) with industry news and trends. IMNA has been providing readers in Asia practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages to advance their operations.

Made-in-China.com (http://made-in-china.com) was developed in 1998 by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. and has become one of the leading marketplaces for global trade. As one of the leading B2B (Business to Business) portals connecting global buyers with China suppliers, we have been devoted to facilitating two-way trade with China via our multi-language website. Millions of quality China suppliers and their products are listed online for global buyers to visit frequently.

Plastics Korea
Plastics Korea is a leading Korean monthly magazine which presents the news of entire Plastics Industry. With 25 years history up to 2016, Plastics Korea has fulfilled the commitment for the Plastic Industry of Korea as a producer and distributor of information. Plastics Korea has also been dedicated to promoting a variety of shows for qualified readers in Plastic Industry. Plastics Korea is proud of the database of 30,000 qualified readers which has been built on 25 years. As Plastics Korea accurately deliver the monthly magazine including hardcopy and PDF files to qualified readers to our readers at every month, it can maximize the advertising effect. Our magazine cover the entire Plastic Industry includes machines, products, materials, events, companies , organizations and everything relevant to Plastic Industry.

Plastics News
Plastics News and its sister publications together comprise the world’s largest plastics publishing organization, the Crain Global Polymer Group, which includes the following brands — Plastics News, Plastics News China, Plastics News Europe, Rubber & Plastics News, European Rubber Journal, Urethanes Technology International, and Tire Business, as well as four print publications, multiple websites, more than a dozen enewsletters, multiple conferences, and industry award programs.

Plastics Science
Plastics have been used as a core material for electrical & electronic equipment, communication equipment, automotive and shipbuilding industry which are major industries in modern times. Monthly "Plastics science" offers information and technology of plastic-related industries such as plastics as new materials, environment and plastics, plastic processing technology, and plastic molding machines and products. "Monthly plastics science" launched 30 years ago is a Korean first comprehensive plastic magazine for the international competitiveness and development of the plastics industry.

Plastics World
As a comprehensive magazine specializing in plastics, delivers trends in the plastic industry and diverse kinds of plastics-related information and data to the readers. plays the role of representative of the plastic industry through speedy coverage in all fields in the industry and makes utmost efforts to contribute to the development of the industry.

360powder.com objects in building business and life circle for powder practitioners. Most of the team members had the experience of working in domestic well-known particle testing companies for years, having unique advantages of extensive understanding of the powder industry. With the aim of positively promoting and developing this industry, 360powder.com makes sure could help companies to solve problems in research and development, production, sales and management by the accumulation of industry experiences and their powder industry upstream and downstream resources.

S&M Media
We at S&M Media Co. Ltd., established on April 1, 1994, has published the Steel & Metal News twice a week over the past two decades, playing a role of the mouthpiece of local steel and nonferrous metal industry in Korea. Together with it, we have steadily put out Internet newspaper, Steel & Metal News, and specialized monthly magazines, the Steel Market and the Metal World, English Version Internet News Korea Metal Journal, making our position solid as a mass media organization that specializes in steel and nonferrous metals.

The Electronic Times
Electronic Times Internet was founded and developed by the ETnews, the internet new media department in The Electronic Times, the most prominent daily newspaper specializing information technology in Korea, for the purpose of providing a variety of IT portal services on the internet. After changing its name from "ETnews" to "Electronic Times Internet", ETnews has concentrated its efforts on providing diverse IT based online services as well as making IT-news available on the internet from The Electronic Times in print. As the nation's best IT specialized portal, ETnews will continue to provide speedy and accurate news and analysis on a worldwide base. ETnews will keep trying to become the world's best IT portal and information resources servicing every digital information all over the world.

Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association
It has been almost sixty years since Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) was founded in 1948. In accordance with the spirit of “Excellence in Innovation and Service Comes First”, all the staffs of TEEMA provide to the member manufacturers diversified and thoughtful services to meet their needs in the industrial, technological, trade, legal, training, international and Mainland China events. In addition to being commended by the clients for our endeavors, TEEMA is the first industrial organization that was certified with ISO9001:2000.

Taiwan Light Metals Association
The main purpose of The Taiwan Light Metals Association is promoting the development of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metals industries as well as facilitates upgrading of the related technologies.

Taiwan Machinery Monthly
First published in 1965 by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Taiwan Machinery Monthly has the longest publishing history in Taiwan’s machinery field. Its readership includes members of TAMI, manufacturers of machines and machine tools in various industries (Metal & metal forming machinery, plastics & rubber machinery, precision parts & components, textile machinery, food & food packaging machinery and wood & woodworking machinery). TAMI’s members cover over 60 types of manufacturing machinery equipment and over 1,000 different products. The Taiwan Machinery Monthly circulation comes to 3,500~5,000 copies per month.

Touch Taiwan
Touch Taiwan 2017 (Display International), which will take place in Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei from Sep 20 to 22, to showcase the display making industry's most complete categories, including latest panels, materials, components and manufacturing equipment. Every year, it brings together prominent buyers from Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe and the US, all leading regions in terms of global touch panel and display industry.
It also includes the international seminar "Display Innovation Taiwan Conference", demonstrating the world’s most sophisticated industry chain.Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan 2016 will be held concurrently, focusing on smart manufacturing, monitoring, sensing and recognition, and factory automation.

UBI RESEARCH is specialized in market research and consulting to provide specialized information on the industries and the markets. To predict the future of fast-changing industries, UBI RESEARCH will provide complete plans for the best investment strategies.

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Numerous media from Japan take part in the show as media partners.

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